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                                                         May 1952 -  June 1954

This is not a history of the 315th Troop Carrier Wing, 19th Troop Carrier Squadron (Yellow Tails) during the Korean Conflict, but rather a brief recollection of my 25 months and 26 days at Brady Field.  My name is Richard Wolfe.  I was stationed at Brady in the 19th Troop Carrier Squadron as an Aircraft Instrument Mechanic.  The purpose is make it known that 57 years later that I am still on this earth and to possibly renew some of the friendships made during my tour of duty.  A very good history, both of Brady Field and the Curtis C-46 Commando are available at: http://www.koreanwar.org/html/units/usaf/19tcs.htm.

This page is intended to be a "work-in-progress task" and I will update it as appropriate information becomes available.. 

Input material (pictures or text) may be forwarded to me at: aa7gc@yahoo.com.

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